The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Launching Your OnlyFans Career

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Although having an established social following before launching an OnlyFans account can be advantageous, it is optional. Numerous creators have successfully started from scratch and achieved great success. With a diligent approach, you can reach the pinnacle too. However, you’ve landed in the perfect spot, fortunately! You will now delve into setting up your account and acquiring your initial subscribers.

You can do it all by yourself if you have specific knowledge. Otherwise, some agencies can help you out with this. Check out Sphynx Agency to know the services offered by them. To begin, select your niche and consider the kind of content you plan to share. It’s helpful if you only have a general idea initially.

Next, establish your OnlyFans account and configure your profile. Dedicate ample time to crafting compelling images and writing an engaging bio description.


Starting Your Onlyfans Page

Now, it’s time for the moment you’ve been eagerly anticipating. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to create and monetize your OnlyFans page.


Choose A Free or A Paid Page

You can create either a free page or a paid page on OnlyFans. With a paid page, users must subscribe to your profile before accessing your content. On the other hand, a free page allows users to subscribe without any charges. However, you can still restrict access to specific content on your free page using a pay-per-view (PPV) paywall. Additionally, you can send pay-per-view content through direct messages to your subscribers.

Furthermore, if your subscribers appreciate your content, they can tip you. The key takeaway is that it’s possible to generate substantial earnings on OnlyFans, even with a free page. Creators may eventually decide to establish both a free and a paid page, which is also an option for you.

However, it is recommended to begin with a single page. Once your initial page is established and operational, consider creating another page.

Use Discounts

Essentially, you create an OnlyFans page and set a fair price. Another effective strategy is to provide users with bundles and discounts. Offering such incentives is particularly beneficial in the early stages when your focus is on attracting those initial subscribers.

Discounts motivate users to subscribe, while bundles incentivize longer-term subscriptions. You can encourage more subscriptions and enhance user engagement by implementing deals and bundles.

Create Welcome Note

Upon subscribing, new fans will automatically receive this message. Express your gratitude for their subscription and encourage them to explore and engage with the content on your page. It’s essential for your welcome message to convey warmth and include a personal touch.

Additionally, you can attach PPV (Pay-Per-View) media to the welcome message, providing an opportunity to generate extra income from first-time subscribers.

Choose Countries

With OnlyFans, you can limit access to your profile for users from specific countries. This feature enables you to block your own country, which can help prevent friends and family from discovering your account.

However, blocking high-traffic countries may reduce your organic traffic. For instance, blocking the United States would significantly impact your reach and engagement.

Finding a balance between traffic and privacy is a potential compromise worth considering. Ultimately, deciding whether to prioritize traffic or privacy rests with you. Evaluating your preferences and aligning them with your goals and priorities is essential.

Hide Followers

In the settings menu, you can hide your follower count. Doing this when you start is crucial, as you won’t have any followers. You can adjust this setting within the settings menu. On platforms like OnlyFans, social proof plays a role, and users are generally more inclined to subscribe to creators who already have a following.

The workaround to address this concern is to hide your follower count until you have accumulated at least a few dozen subscriptions. By doing so, you can establish a solid foundation and then gradually reveal your growing follower count.

Producing Content On Your Page

Your OnlyFans profile and page should be fully set up at this stage, although the page itself might still be empty. Now is the time to embellish it with various posts. For your OnlyFans business, creating three distinct types of content is essential.

1.     Content For Your Account

The content you publish on your page will be crucial in retaining subscribers for an extended period. It’s essential to provide high-quality content that makes your subscribers feel they are getting their money’s worth. However, reserve your absolute best content for PPV (Pay-Per-View) offerings.

You can practice a great deal of creative freedom here. Explore your niche and enjoy the process. Stick with content that elicits the best response from your audience but also ventures outside of your comfort zone occasionally. Embrace the balance between consistency and occasional experimentation.

2.     Content For Promotion

You can still create NSFW content but slightly tone it down to make it more suitable for sharing on social media platforms. Consider the promotion channels you’re using and adjust your content accordingly. In some cases, it might be necessary to avoid nudity to prevent being banned altogether.

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However, by doing so, you can also create a curiosity gap and incentivize viewers to click through to your OnlyFans. When it comes to promotion, images tend to be more effective. While videos offer better engagement potential, they require more resources to produce. Therefore, striking a balance between the two based on your available resources is recommended.

3.     PPV Content

Your most explicit and extreme content, which tends to be the most financially rewarding, will be shared with your subscribers through direct messages (DMs) and placed behind a paywall.

PPV (Pay-Per-View) content is pivotal in generating significant income for top creators on OnlyFans. Typically, these videos are more hardcore or extreme than what you post on your public page.

When you initially start, you can primarily focus on building your public page and engaging with your subscribers through it. As you progress, you can introduce PPV content gradually over time, delivering it directly to your subscribers via DMs.



This guide aims to provide you with the essential information to embark on a career as an OnlyFans creator. Whether you are just starting or have already begun, the list of money-making strategies mentioned above will be beneficial in expanding your revenue streams. 

It’s important to remember that these platforms are constantly evolving, offering ample opportunities to learn and grow. Stay open to the dynamic nature of these platforms, as there is always more to discover and enhance your journey as a creator.