Onlyfans And Virtual Reality: The Next Frontier In Content

people sitting down using VR headsets

Collaboration and cross-platform compatibility are significant events that change the ways in which people view content. In the digital world, there is a cutthroat competition to grab the limited attention of the viewer. Therefore, it is no surprise that most content creators work hard day and night to bring out something unique and enjoyable.

Individual content creators, be it on any platform, constantly innovate to stay relevant in the business. They build networks and adopt the latest technological advancements to make a mark. 

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What Is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is an internet content service (subscription based) that has its headquarters in the United Kingdom. Most content creators work on adult content on this platform, but several fitness experts or dancers also use it to promote their content. 

OnlyFans as a platform is doing exceptionally well, and according to one statistic, the revenue in 2022 was 2.5 billion US dollars which was a jump of over a billion dollars compared to the previous year. 

Data for the past three years shows that the CAGR for only fans has been a whopping 174%. Hence, one can conclude without an iota of doubt that OnlyFans is doing very well, and its future seems bright.

However, with the advent of the latest technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and artificial reality OnlyFans content creators will have to adapt, evolve and innovate their skills and abilities to stay afloat in the business.


What Is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality, or VR, as it is popularly known, uses computer-generated simulation to create a virtual world. For instance, when a person puts on a computerized device like a helmet or glasses, the person feels he has been transported to the virtual world. 

A person suing VR headset playing a game

Virtual reality is already regarded as the next frontier in advertising and marketing. It has already taken the gaming world by storm. According to statistics, the global search interest in virtual reality is increasing fourfold yearly. 

It is no wonder that virtual reality is making inroads in all forms of content creation sooner or later. And for a forum like OnlyFans, virtual reality can do wonders for their revenues.


OnlyFans And Virtual Reality: Synergies And Potential


OnlyFans Does Not Support Virtual Reality At Present

Creating virtual reality videos is difficult, but even if you know how to shoot a virtual reality-based video, you cannot post it on your OnlyFans page. However, with tough competition and demand from viewers, very soon OnlyFans would make some changes to allow for virtual reality content.

Some of the ways in which OnlyFans may benefit from virtual reality are listed below.


VR Allows People To Explore New Places Without Actually Being There

The most significant plus point of VR is that it guarantees an immersive experience. So when you watch VR content, you are transformed into a new world. When an OnlyFans model posts a picture on their balcony or gym, you can be transposed to that very balcony and gym while watching the video. 

Content creation is all about creating a pleasurable viewing experience for the viewer. The ability to go to new places and get the feel of the transformed surroundings is highly enjoyable, so VR would give OnlyFans creators the ability to improve the viewing experience of their subscribers. The better the viewing experience, the more revenue for the creator.


VR Allows Greater Engagement

In social media, the greater engagement with the content creator is the greater loyalty toward that creator. Content creators carry out live sessions to interact with their viewers. They conduct surveys and solicit their viewers’ opinions before posting a video. Likewise, they reply to the DMs sent by their fans. 

All these help build a better bond by creating more engagement with the viewer. With the advent of new technologies like virtual reality, the ways through which virtual relations can be increased have undergone tremendous change. At present, content creators can create engagement by talking or texting with their followers but with VR, they can invite them to their place virtually and let them explore their world.. 

As time passes, older forms of engagement, like replying to DMs or carrying out a live interaction, will lose salience, and newer forms of engagement, like virtual reality-based engagement, will become the primary mode of creating a bond with the people.


VR Gives A Boost To Imagination

Most people visit sites like OnlyFans to get rid of their mundane reality. They want to give a boost to their imagination. Also, creators on social media channels try to constantly flex their creative muscles to boost their viewer’s imagination. But with the advent of virtual reality, creativity and imagination can be taken several notches higher than what is possible with a simple video or audio.


VR Can Be Addictive 

VR gives a heightened sense of pleasure and engagement, thus making it addictive for the viewer. This may be an advantage from the point of view of the viewer. But from the point of view of the content creator, it is a great advantage. 

Addiction to a particular form of content will ensure that a viewer cannot miss even a single video that is posted. If the viewer is addicted to viewing a specific page, he will impulsively watch all the content, and this will lead to greater revenue generation for the subscriber.



Newer technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality can be gamechanger in the field of content creation. They promise to give more engaging content that caters better to the fans or subscribers. 

There is; already a great demand from the viewer for VR-based content, and platforms that want to prosper will soon cater to the demand for VR-based videos. If you can create VR content, it is great, but if you cannot, you can always take the help of an agency to make VR-compatible videos.