Navigating Onlyfans: Tips For Newcomers To The Platform

There are a lot of creators that make accounts on different social media platforms and begin posting on the same so that they can make content creation their full-time business and also begin earning money from the same. But, if you plan to move to other platforms like OnlyFans, the existing tips may or may not help. When deciding how to use only fans, you can use the existing tips and be more thorough with your approach.

But that’s not all. Apart from the approach, you have to cater to other things like focusing on the kind of content you are posting on your OnlyFans account, interacting with your fans, and catering to the marketing requirements. But, sometimes, it becomes difficult to manage all the things on the plate. But, it is better to consider hiring management services for the same.

Agencies like Sphynx Agency can help you streamline your OnlyFans account and take it to the next level. They can help you in achieving success through better visibility, more subscribers, and also, leading to better profits. You can choose from comprehensive management services like upsell handling, monthly performances, management, content uploading, media interactions, and more. Hence, you can add a lot of quality to your work that will add to your success.

It is a pro for newcomers as they can rely on such agencies for the initial steps that can set the right base for their growth.

Important Tips That Can Help You Get Started

When you make an account on OnlyFans, it does not mean that you are ready for it. Beginning it is not a complex procedure; you should focus on planning but, most importantly, learning how to use only fans. There are certain things that you need to do for the same.

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The Planning Stage

You have to begin with planning which should be easy, relatable, and implementable. Also, the planning stage should include the niche for your account. It is the best way to get started. The decision of niche selection should be based on your main content idea, and this is the idea around which the audience will begin following you.

You can learn about some famous niches and choose whether to pursue any of them or go for a different one. The niches determine the explicitly of your content, the kind of accessories you use, and the kind of influence you hold while displaying the content for your old and new audience.

Also, you have to decide about your posting schedule, and for the same, you have to sit with the agency experts as they can help you with it. You should consider how often the posting will happen and when you will shoot for the same. You should work on professional recommendations as they can improve engagement, awareness, and subscribers.

Profile Setting

Creating an account is the only thing new people will know now. Also, you should signup as it is a simple process. It is similar to how a social media platform works. You should get your email verified. By default, you will be assigned to a random username while signing up here.

You can opt for a manual change in the same. You can put your name or choose a name suitable for your business. The name that you set acts as the profile’s URL. You cannot opt for constant changes. Once the username is set, it cannot be changed repeatedly. Also, your display name will be public and can be changed whenever you feel like doing it.

Banners, Profile Pictures, Descriptions, And Much More

When you set your profile, there are other things you need to focus on. It includes putting the banner images and a profile picture for recognition. You should put something exciting and upbeat rather than going fully explicit. The banner image has a landscape format, and if you are using an image that is captured in native portrait mode, likely, it will not fit well.

If you need a shoot, you can go for it without any hesitation. Your account setup is incomplete if you don’t have a bio description. It is the best way to convert your stalkers or cold visitors into paying subscribers. The key to maximum engagement is to be clear, work on the required specifications, and be concise. The idea is to have fun and use engaging language for your audience.


Your account setup and work are incomplete and useless until you have not verified your profile. The account should be verified; after that, you should add the payment-related information. The platform is strict, so getting it right in the first go can feel like a task. If you are putting emails for the same, you have to wait for 24 to 48 hours before emailing again. You can follow guides to ensure a seamless process or contact your chosen management agency.

After the verification is completed, you should add the payment details. The trick for fund management is that you can create separate banking accounts for OnlyFans payments. The income is taxable, so you should take the saving and investment steps accordingly.

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The platform can prompt you to fill out the w9 tax form, which is an essential step for creators who are US residents. But, if creators from another part of the world are approaching this portal, they have to fill out the w8-Ben form. The filling process is simple, and you can seek the help of your agency as they can do it.


With everything done and in the right spirit, you should begin with your account activity. You have to choose between a paid page and a free one. You have to post relatable content that will be the right reason for people to subscribe to your account and work. Both have pros and cons, but if you become part of discussions, you will know that opting for a paid page is a better gig.

The options are available to you, and you can try and see what works for you. You can check the availability of discounts and use them if possible.


The newcomers will uncover many opportunities when they make their account on OnlyFans. They should learn how to use only fans. But there are some places where they can get stuck. So, instead of leaving those opportunities, it is better to seek expert advice in the form of the services of management agencies. They are experienced in handling various issues and bringing the best for creators who wish to make it big on pages like OnlyFans.