Agency Vs. Independent: Which Path Is Right For Your Onlyfans Journey?

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OnlyFans is a popular platform where influencers can post their content and are paid based on subscriptions. It was introduced in 2016. Creators can ask their target audience to pay to watch their content. The content creators can also hide their photos or videos behind the paywall. This platform has millions of influencers and registered users. 

Getting started on OnlyFans can be challenging for beginners. Many creators prefer hiring marketing agencies like Sphynxagency to manage their content, whereas some prefer doing the work independently. To make this choice, you must understand the benefits of both methods. Scroll down to look at the advantages of working independently or hiring an OnlyFans agency. 


Significance Of Hiring An OnlyFans Agency


Optimizes your page and streamlines the processes: 

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The main task that OnlyFans management agencies do for you is to optimize your page to drive more traffic. The experts from the company will ensure your content is engaging and bring loyal users to your page. 

The first thing the experts will do is perform an audit on your account to identify the problems. After finding the issues on your account, the team will fix them by developing numerous strategies. The professionals will try to understand your brands and target audience during the auditing. The strategies are developed only after gathering all such information. 


Content creators get the time to relax: 

Most influencers are so busy creating content that they don’t even get time for themselves. Hiring an OnlyFans agency will allow the creators to relax. Maintaining consistency on social media platforms is essential for your growth. It means it is a never-ending process. Unlike other jobs, there are no holidays on the weekends also. Therefore, it becomes exhausting for all the influencers. 

The marketing agencies ensure to handle all the important tasks for you so that you can get time to relax. All you have to do is work with the manager and create posts or videos. The agency will help you edit your content, make a posting schedule, and promote your account. It means you can pay attention to creating content while the rest of the tasks will be managed by experts from the OnlyFans agency. 


Creators get a new perspective: 

Another benefit of hiring an OnlyFans agency is that the creators get a new perspective. Influencers see their posts and videos from a single perspective. But marketing agencies watch your content and give their opinions without getting biased. When you gain a second perspective, it helps you improve your content. 

Influencers are unable to find mistakes in their posts. The agency will identify flaws in your content, and not only that, but they will also guide you on how to eliminate those errors or flaws. The amount of money you make on OnlyFans depends on the variety of content you post. Therefore, getting a third-party perspective will help you grow on this platform. 


Promoting your posts on OnlyFans:

Promoting content is even more challenging than creating it. One of the biggest advantages of hiring a marketing agency is that it helps promote your posts on this platform. The company will ensure that a vast audience views your photos and videos. They will create relevant tags and titles for your posts and upload them on OnlyFans.   

Numerous marketing agencies take care of the entire content creation process. Apart from managing your posts, they also handle conversations with your subscribers. They will also assist you by posting your photos and videos on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram to increase engagement. 


Significance Of Working Independently On OnlyFans


Control over your brand:

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One of the biggest benefits of working independently on OnlyFans is having full control over your brand. You can use your creativity to create content and build a unique brand. It means you can express your talent or art without any rules imposed by the marketing agencies. Your subscribers love you for your originality and authenticity. When you have total control over your brand, you can create posts according to your creativity level and engage the target audience. 


It saves your money: 

If you hire an OnlyFans agency, you must pay a cost for using their services. Sometimes, beginners cannot afford to hire these marketing agencies. OnlyFans also charge some amount of money as a fee. Whenever an influencer makes money on this platform, 80% goes to the content creator, whereas the platform keeps the leftover 20%. Therefore, you can skip hiring a marketing and management agency to save some bucks. 


No need to share personal details with the third party:

When you work with a third-party OnlyFans marketing agency, you must provide your personal information, like your name, address, date of birth, etc., to them. Only then the agency’s team will be able to access your account. It means they will get access to your posts, also. 

Data breach is common on social media platforms, and it is hard to trust anyone with your details. To save yourself from data breaches, consider working independently on OnlyFans. 


Exploring additional income opportunities: 

No one understands your talent better than you. When you explore your art in all the possible ways, you create extra earning opportunities. You can also explore other income opportunities besides selling your products or content. Some examples of extra-earning opportunities are collaborating with other content creators and opening your ventures on different social media platforms in the same niche as OnlyFans. 



Whether you want to work independently or hire an OnlyFans agency depends on your needs and preferences. Marketing agencies help your business grow on this platform by developing various strategies. Influencers also get some time to relax when they work with an agency.  

However, if you cannot spend money on hiring a marketing agency to handle your OnlyFans account, then you should work independently. Working yourself saves you money and protects you from data breaches, as you do not have to share your personal information with any third party. You can explore your creativity and create a unique brand on OnlyFans.